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Smelly Dog Solutions
Smelly Dog Solutions
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Dry Dog Instant Clean

Doesn't just mask odor

All natural Ordenone actually binds with and removes the proteins that cause odor, just spray a little on your dog, you can brush out of you like but you don't have to.

Dog Smog Remedy

Reduce bad breath and gas

Two digestive enzymes, Bromelain and Papain help to improve a dog's digestion, by addressing the cause of both bad breath and bad gas.

Bubbles n' Beads 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner

Highly effective microbeads

The beads contain conditioners and vitamins that penetrate the thickest coat, bursting against the skin, nourishing the follicle creating healthy hair.

Sparkle and shine Brightening shampoo

Perfect for white dogs

Yogurt and honey are natural brighteners and will help whiten a dogs coat but the formula will brighten and refresh any coat color.

Skunk Spray Step one in a two part odor neutralizing program

Step one; neutralize

Skunk spray has all natural odor counteractants that get rid of the smell and as they dry they absorb the skunk oil itself

Skunk Shampoo step ywo of a two part all natural odor neutralizing program

Step two; wash away

the shampoo contains the same odor counteractant as the spray so you get an effective one-two punch to know our skink odor

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Smelly Dog Solutions
Nothing can ruin a cuddling session quicker than dog odor, no matter how much you love your pet. happytails Canine Spa Line offers many solutions for your smelly best friend.

Dog shampoo and conditioner
Spray-on bath replacement
Dog breath freshener
Skunk odor neutralizer
Skunk spray

DSRFight Dog Bad Breath
Want a product that fights not only bad breath, but foul gas that can clear a room? Dog Smog Remedy gets rid of those horrific odors that come out of your dog's body, whether it be from the front or from the rear.

Made with all-natural ingredients, Dog Smog Remedy can quell the smell of even the worst dog bad breath. Our easy to use spray can be spritzed right in your dog's mouth or simply added to the water bowl. Cuddle time will quickly become fun again!

Lucky for you, Dog Smog Remedy also gets rid of and prevents flatulence in your pet. Digestive enzymes improve the digestion process to stop and prevent those embarrassing, stinky bursts of gas.

Skunk Solutions for your Dog
Did your curious pup land himself in some smelly trouble? Thankfully, happytails also offers an effective two-product solution to neutralize the odor caused from skunk sprays.

First, spray our award winning Skunk Odor Neutralizing Spray on your dog. Made with essential oils, our spray chemically changes the molecular structure of the odor-causing components so you will immediately be able to breathe again. Next, use our Skunk Odor Neutralizing Shampoo to thoroughly reach and cleanse the smelliest, dirtiest fibers in your dog's hair. The dual action of the spray and shampoo will eliminate skunk smell.

Did that pesky skunk get into belongings and places other than your dog? Our neutralizing spray can also be used on any water-safe surface to eliminate skunky odors
Bubble it Up
Oftentimes your dog's odor can be caused by dry skin, dirt and grime. The quickest remedy for easy to remove odors in dogs is a good shampooing. Sparkle and Shine BubblesBrightening Shampoo uses yogurt and honey to provide your dog with a deep down clean while leaving a luminescent finish on your pet's coat. If you are looking for a quick and easy shampoo and conditioner in one, happytails offers Bubbles 'N Beads to condition, clean, and shine up your dog.

Unfortunately, sometimes bath time is a no go, and your little pup just doesn't want to be washed – even when he smells like he's jumped into a mud pit. Dry Dog Instant Clean is an odor neutralizer spray that works to clean your dog without the hassle of giving him a full bath. Simply spray your pet and Ordenone begins working immediately to trap odor causing proteins. Dry Dog Instant Clean is the perfect product to use when you notice your dog is beginning to smell, but you don't have enough time to wash him.

happytails smelly dog solutions will take care of any bad smelling problem so you can get back to enjoying your time together. If you're dealing with dog bad breath or dog odor, browse our selection odor neutralizers and other solutions at happytails today!
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