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Joint Health and older dog solutions
As the human population ages so does the canine population and if you own an older dog you inevitable deal with a range of issues. Everything from hip dysplasia, luxating patella to arthritis and dental issues. We have an entire range of all natural alternatives to pharmaceutical remedies.
Older Dog Hero shot
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Dry Dog Instant Clean Bath replacement spray
Dog Smog Remedy
Joint Resolution
All natural probiotic spray for improved oral hygiene

Grooming your convalescing dog

Dogs tend to be quite good at grooming themselves most of the time. But if they are feeling a little under the weather for any reason, or are recovering from surgery, they may not be quite as effective at self-grooming. So they may be relying on your help more than usual at this time. The good news though, is that grooming doesn't always have to involve boutique salons and fancy haircuts. On the contrary, most of the essential procedures can actually be done by you at home! [read more]

How long will a dog live?

t goes without saying that we want our dogs to live a long time. And thankfully there are things that we can do to help them live lives that are as long, healthy and happy as possible; however, genetic factors influence lifespan too. Bruce Fogle, DVM, in his book Caring for Your Dog: The Complete Canine Home Reference, says the median life expectancy of dogs is 12.8 years. But dog life expectancies vary widely by breed. [read more]

Hip dysplasia in dogs

Hip Dysplasia (HD) is a common, canine orthopedic condition that involves an abnormally formed hip joint. The hip joint is a “ball and socket” type joint, and in healthy animals the ball and socket should fit snugly against each other. In HD, however, the head of the femur (the ball) fits poorly in the acetabulum (the socket). This allows excessive movement to occur in the joint, resulting in inflammation, damage, and subsequent pain. [read more]

Five things to think about when grooming an older dog

Grooming is an important part of any dog’s routine.  But as your dog ages, your role as primary care giver and often time chief groomer becomes even more important than it was when Fido was a pup. Not only does your grooming help to maintain his general hair and coat health, but it gives you a great chance to keep an eye on any skin changes that might need veterinary attention.[read more]

What to do about demodectic mange

Mange is the term for skin disease due to mite infestation, and there are two different forms of this condition in dogs, caused by different mite species. One of these is demodectic mange (or demodecosis). [read more]

Why is my dog so itchy and what can I do about it?

All of your dog's uncontrollable itching and scratching can be frustrating. You may have heard that allergies are the most common reason for the constant scratching, but there are many other reasons why your dog may be scratching. [read more]

Seven things you can do right now to help your dog's itchy skin

When your dog is itchy, it's distressing for both of you. Wouldn't it be great if there was something you could do to give him instant relief? Well, you'll be happy to hear that there is. [read more]

Is your dog's licking and scratching at night driving you insane?

Your dog is itchy, and you can hear him scratching at himself. In the quiet of the night, it's the only sound you can hear, and it's so loud! There's no way you'll get to sleep while he's constantly licking his skin and paws. [read more]

Try shampoo therapy to help your dog's itchy skin

There is a common misconception that you shouldn't bathe your dogs very often and that doing so can make skin conditions worse. Most veterinarians treat skin disease through a combination of steroids and antibiotics. But if you're like me, you want to stay away from harsh drugs and try all natural courses of action first. [read more]

What are those itchy bumps on my dog's skin?

It's quite common for dogs to suffer from red, irritated itchy bumps on the skin, They can be very distressing for both dog and owner and if not treated they can easily become infected. There are two common causes; allergies and parasites. [read more]

Does your dog have contact allergies?

Just like people, dogs can suffer from contact allergies, where they react to something that touches their skin. The initial allergic reaction in the skin doesn't last long, but it lasts long enough to cause severe itching. [read more]
Older Solutions
Just like a puppy needs special love and care, your older dog has special needs and treatment. As your dog ages, you may notice that he doesn't move around like he once did or that he is experiencing dental issues that are causing him pain or dog bad breath. Your pet may be in need of a dog joint supplement or dental care solution to help him age gracefully. happytails Canine Spa line offers the following products for your aging canine:

Dog Shampoos and Conditioners
Bath Replacements
Breath Freshener
Anti-Plaque Treatment
Joint Resolution

Get Your Dog Instantly Clean – Without a Bath!
Sometimes with age it gets more and more difficult to get your best friend into the bath, but he still gets dirty or just flat out smells! Dry Dog Instant Clean is a great solution for older dogs who need to be freshened up between baths. Whether your dog is starting to smell a little musty or played a little too hard in the mud, this quick and easy dog spray will have your pet cleaned up and smelling fresh in no time at all.

Dental Care and Freshener
As your dog ages, he is likely to lose some of his teeth and may develop bad breath. Proper dog dental hygiene is important to reduce the likelihood of serious heart disease issues caused by decaying teeth.

Your first step should be to make sure you are brushing your dog's teeth on a regular basis. Kissable toothbrushes and toothpaste make cleaning a breeze with our three sided brush that cleans all sides of the tooth in one easy swipe. In addition to brushing, our Probiotic Anti-Plaque Spray should be used to prevent the build-up of bacteria that can cause plaque and dog bad breath. Twelve probiotics work to get rid of bad bacteria in your pet's mouth and replenish good bacteria needed for overall dental health.

If you still need a fix for that bad breath, Dog Smog Remedy is perfect for you. This easy to use spray can be spritzed directly into your dog's mouth or added to your dog's water dish. In addition to fresh breath, this powerful formula also stops gaseous emissions from your dog's other end.
All probiotics used in our products are produced naturally and chemical-free.

Joint Care for Your Older Dog
Nothing is more difficult than watching your dog struggle with canine arthritis. Fortunately, happytails Joint Resolution promotes healthy active joints for your aging dog. A blend of collagen and herbs absorb easily to rebuild and renew tissues near the joints. Joint friction will be decreased and new cartilage will be rebuilt so your dog will be back to his active self.

Joint Resolution will help your dog to be more comfortable and pain free. The all natural formula is easily administered by using a handy dropper. This is the perfect remedy for any dog suffering from arthritis or hip dysplasia.
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