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Nervous Dog Solutions
Nervous dog Solutions
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Ruff to Smooth with Lavender to calm the savage beast
Sleepytime Tonic for nervous, anxious or overactive dogs

Dealing with canine anxiety

What you need to know to help calm an anxious dog. [read more]

Does your dog hate thunderstorms?

There's nothing worst than watching your best friend suffer through a thunderstorm, happily there are some things you can do to help your dog remain calm. [read more]

My dog barks non stop, what can I do?

From anxiety to loneliness it's important to understand the cause. [read more]

Is my dog happy?

Do you ever find yourself wondering how your four-legged friend is feeling? Although we often associate canine happiness with playfulness and tail wagging, happiness is more than just this. Like us, dogs need lots of care and attention, and if their needs are not met, they too can suffer from emotional stress. [read more]

How to introduce your jealous dog to your new baby

Preparing for the arrival of a new baby can be hectic enough for the parents-to-be, but it can also be a time of great anxiety for your dog. It is important to remember that he was your first "baby", so he may need help adjusting to any new arrival. [read more]

Five steps you can take to minimize your dog's noise phobia

New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July are times for celebration, but if you own a dog with a noise phobia, these dates can be very stressful. The inevitable fireworks can have your dog shaking and trembling in fear. Summer thunderstorms can be just as traumatic for him. [read more]

Is your dog's scratching just a nervous habit?

Some dogs constantly scratch themselves, even when it looks like there is nothing wrong with their skin. This may make you wonder if they are just doing it just out of habit. [read more]

Living with a dog that just won't relax.

It can be challenging living with a dog that just won't relax. Some dogs are anxious, and can become stressed if there are any changes to their daily routine. Other dogs are like children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and just don't seem to be able to calm down. [read more]
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Nervous Dog Solutions
Does your best friend suffer from anxiety or hyperactivity? Does the smallest clap of thunder create a nervous dog in your home? Having a dog who needs take a chill pill can be very frustrating. happytails gladly offers solutions to help your dog overcome anxiety:

Fur ButterCalming Conditioner
Calming Tonic

Nervousness and anxiety in dogs can be caused by many different reasons and manifest in many different ways. Barking, aggression, and hyperactivity are just a few of the symptoms you may see in a dog with extreme anxiety. Whether the reasons for the nervousness are environmental or genetic, happytails Spa can help you overcome your problem and get back to having a quiet, stress-free home.

A Calming Bath Time
Just like their owners, aromatherapy can greatly affect an anxious dog's mood and personality. The calming smells of lavender and chamomile are infused into our Ruff to Smooth Leave-In Conditioner. In addition to the calming effect the conditioner will have on your hyperactive dog, silk proteins penetrate deep into the fibers of your dog's hair to produce a silky, smooth, tangle-free coat.

Ruff to Smooth Conditioner is simple to use – simply spray the formula on your dog's wet or dry hair and watch the anxiety and matted hair disappear at the same time!

Spray It On
Another solution for your dog's hyperactivity is our Lavender and Eucalyptus Between Bath Spritz. Like our conditioner, the calming scents incorporated into our formula work to relax your anxious or hyperactive dog. This product is also perfect for use if you're hard pressed for time to give your dog a bath. Simply spritz the liquid on your dog for a fresh smelling mane and relaxation!

sleepySleepy Time
It can sometimes seem like you have a newborn baby when you have an overactive puppy or dog with anxiety. Give yourself and your dog a break with Sleepytime Tonic. Just a few drops of this liquid will work in about 20 minutes to ease your dog into a quiet slumber.

This is the perfect elixir before travel, trips to the groomer and vet and dogs with separation anxiety.

Testimonials from real life users of Sleepytime Tonic state: "Sleeptime was amazing! She called it 'Doggy Prozac,'" and, "He totally goes from anxious to calm in minutes." See for yourself what all the hype is about and calm your nervous dog today.

All of the products happytails Canine Spa line offers are all-natural and chemical-free. Medicinally active compounds from the finest herbs are potently contained in the Sleepytime Tonic. If you see a residue on the dropper or in the bottle, it is perfectly normal and is simply a sign of the potency of the formula. Rest assured that all of our products for your anxious dog are safe to use!
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