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Probiotic anti plaque spray
Price: $21.00
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Probiotic Anti Plaque Spray | 4ozStop tartar before it starts! This unique spray replenishes the good bacteria in the pet's mouth reducing plaque-causing bacteria, which can cause bad breath and damage teeth This probiotic anti-plaque spray keeps your dog's mouth balanced and healthy by reducing plaque-causing bacteria, which can cause bad breath, gum disease, multiple infections and heart disease.

This spray contains 12 strains of probiotics that replenish the good bacteria in your pet's mouth to reduce plaque and tartar. Liquid probiotics are superior as they allow for faster and better absorption into the body.

The probiotics are produced through a natural fermentation process using only natural substances, free from added fluoride, detergents, synthetic flavors, colors or preservatives. A mixture of herbs and botanics provides long lasting freshness. The spray is not chemically synthesized or genetically engineered or modified (Non-GMO).

How does this product work?The probiotics in KissAble Probiotic Spray are specifically formulated to address the oral care needs of dogs. Probiotics populate the oral cavity and help protect the mouth against harmful bacteria that exist in dental film buildup.

Key Ingredients
Probiotics live, beneficial bacteria that help kill off the bad bacteria we call plaque
Prebiotics nutrients to help the Probiotics thrive
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Plaque is live (bad/not-beneficial) bacteria. The spray replenishes the good bacteria in the pet's mouth. The good bacteria flourishes and kills off the bad bacteria through competitive exclusion. The theory of competitive exclusion is that there are not

enough resources for both the good and bad bacteria to thrive so if you replenish the good bacteria, they will out-compete and eventually displace the bad. Learn more about this theory here

Please note: Our herbal liquids are saturated with medicinally active compounds extracted from the highest quality herbs. These liquids leave our facility potent, filtered and free of particulate. In a short period of time, it is natural to see precipitation or an accumulation of these active compounds on the sprayer, bottle or in the liquid. This is a natural event and a sign of a potent liquid. These are therapeutically active components of the product and are perfectly safe.

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