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Dental wipes
Price: $11.99
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Dental Wipes | 50 padsThese gentle wipes are perfect for the dog who resists brushing with a toothbrush, they clean the front and the back of the teeth at the same time Helps promote oral cleanliness
bullet Convenient alternative to brushing
bullet Helps reduce plaque and gingivitis
bullet Human grade ingredients, safe for puppies & other pets
bullet Peppermint & fennel freshen breath
bullet Alcohol Free

All natural herbal-infused dental wipes are great for dogs that won't let you brush with a toothbrush. They promote excellent oral hygiene while refreshing your dog's breath.

Key Ingredients
Peppermint An astringent that cleans the mouth and freshens breath
Aloe Reduces disease causing bacteria in the mouth
Pomegranate Extract Beneficial in reducing dental plaque accumulation and gum disease.
Baking Soda Mild abrasive helps to mechanically clean the teeth
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These textured wipes contain baking soda which provides gentle abrasion to help remove unwanted build up. They also combine the gentleness of aloe with the antioxidant power of pomegranate.

Aloe works like a toothpaste to eliminate disease causing bacteria in the mouth and the latest research on pomegranate shows that it is beneficial in reducing dental plaque accumulation and gum disease. The Wipes Also contain grape seed extract, rosemary, lavender and parsley, which help to promote good oral hygiene.

These wipes are intended for external use only but if your dog does swallow one don't panic, the fiber is digestible*. However, if your dog is under 10 pounds we recommend that you take him to the vet just to be safe.

Tips on keeping your dog's teeth clean

1. Brush at least 3 times per week to get maximum benefit

2. Don't use human toothpaste unless you have taught your dog to spit! Look on the back of your toothpaste. You will most likely find a statement that it should not be ingested. This is because it contains soap. Soap creates foam, which gives people the perception that the product is cleaning but is not indicative of the cleaning power of a product (it is for marketing purposes: perception is reality). Toothpaste designed specifically for pets does not contain soap; it won't foam up; and it can be swallowed safely.

3. Replace the toothbrush when the bristles become frayed or every 3 months, as the brush will start to harbor microorganisms. Customer Reviews | Testimonials

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