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Happytails professional products
As a groomer your livelyhood depends on results. Not only do you want products that solve common canine problems like itching, tearstains and dull coats but you and your customers are looking for all natural alternatives. We offer a line of products that do what they say they will or you get your monety back!. That's why groomers love Happytails, not only are they easy to use but they offer noticeable results that keep your customers coming back again and again.
Professional products
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Comfy Dog Colloidal Oatmeal shampoo
Sparkle and Shine Brightening shampoo
Bubbles and Beads 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner
Fut Butter (or fur worse) ultra rich deep conditioning treatment
Cain and Able Lavender shampoo Gallon
Cain and Able Peppermint and Tea tree shampoo Gallon
Groomers and Professional
As a groomer, making dogs look good and solving skin issues is your business and livelihood; that's why happytails Canine Spa Line is here to offer you the best in dog grooming supplies. Whether your furry customers are there for a routine wash and trim or to help eliminate skin irritations, we have the solution to your problem. happytails Canine Spa line offers:

Dog shampoos
Dog conditioners
Fur Butter
Ear, Eye, and Nose Care
Refreshing sprays
Wholesale Products

Professional groomers and their customers love happytails Canine Spa Line products because we only use the highest quality ingredients. All of our products are natural and contain no chemicals or parabens. That means that our products are safe to use on dogs of all ages and sizes without fear of irritation or reactions.
Many of our wholesale pet supplies are available to purchase in convenient gallon size bottles. Whether your customer is looking to relieve the itching with our Comfy Dog Shampoo or for a brilliant, shiny coat that will light up a room, you will be ready to meet the demands of many different doggy needs.

dry dogThe Favorite of the Modern Dog
Many professional groomers continue to say that happytails outsells all other brands in their salons. By offering our line as an availability for your customers to purchase, you will be providing them with the best pampering their dog can get.

Some bestselling customer favorites of wholesale dog grooming shops are our Fur Butter Ultra Rich Conditioning Treatment and Kissable doggy dental line. These products are not only easy to use and loved by dogs, but they help get to the root of the problem. Fur Butter digs deep beneath the surface to tackle itchy irritated skin, while our Kissable dental line offers an array of products that fight plaque for a healthy mouth.

Guaranteed Satisfaction
happytails is so certain that you dog owners and your doggy clients will be satisfied with our products that we stand behind each product with a money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not thrilled with what our pet grooming supplies can do for you, we will give you your money back. It's as simple as that!

Why Groomers Love Us

Groomers and professionals love happytails Canine Spa Line because our high quality products do what we promise. You will notice instant results that are incomparable to other dog products you have seen in the past. Our worry-free, 100% natural products are good for your dog and improve their health and their appearance.
Wholesalers are also impressed by their increase in sales. happytails products often outsell any other brand in dog salons and keep customers coming back for more. Clients who have switched to using happytails dog grooming supplies state that they have tried numerous other lines, but will only trust Happytails for their pet.
Visit us today to see the many different products we can offer your professional dog grooming shop!
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