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Eye and Ear Solutions
Taking care of a dog's eyes and ears is an essential duty of a good pet parent. If your dog has unsightly tearstains don't resort to pharmaceuticals to solve a cosmetic issue, especially when there are safer, all natural alternatives available. The same goes for ear health, make sure you use only the safest and most gentle remedies to help prevent ear infections and clean out dirt and wax build up
Eye and ear solutions
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All natural Ear wipes, infused with colloidal silver
Eyepads are infused with colloidal silver to fight bacteria
Ear Cleanser will help disinfect and clean your dog's ears
Ear Clear for itchy scratchy and smelly ears
Ear Aid, the perfect two part solution to canine ear problems

The five most common reasons for tearstains

If you've ever seen a dog with red or brown marks in the areas around and just under the eyes, you've seen a dog that is suffering from tear staining . The staining can matte around the dog's eyes and leave a gooey, thick mess that is hard to clean. Most people assume that the stains are caused by excessive moisture from the dog's eyes and that they're just a fact of life. In fact though, tear stains have many different causes, and figuring out the root of the problem could end up saving you some work and also improve your dog's life. [read more]

The food your dog eats might be causing ear infections

Food allergies are often the culprit in cases of otitis (ear inflammation). Otitis or conjunctivitis could also be associated with atopy (allergies to inhaled dusts and pollens). In one study, researchers examined 100 dogs with chronic ear problems to try and work out why they kept developing these infections. Of those 100 dogs, 43 of them were found to have underlying allergies that were the primary cause of their otitis. [read more]

Ear Infections and Dogs

Some dogs are prone to ear infections and there are many causes so sometimes it's hard to pinpoint what the problem is. In fact, most ear infections or problems are actually not a primary illness, but are a consequence of another illness, such as allergies to food or air allergens like pollen, dirty moist ears, floppy ear anatomy that traps moisture (after a bath, a swim, or a rainy day), immune suppression or other problems. [read more]

How to treat conjunctivitis in dogs

Conjunctivitis, as the name suggests, affects the conjunctiva, which is the inside of your dog's eyelids. It also affects the sclera, the white of the eye. These become very red, with prominent blood vessels, and there is often a yellowish discharge.  Your dog will usually close the affected eye, but he's not winking at you; his eyes hurt ![read more]

Do tearstains only occur on white dogs?

Tear stains occur when tears spill from the eye onto the surrounding hairs. The damp hairs and skin soon become an ideal place for bacterial and yeast organisms to grow, and this quickly leads to staining of the affected area. Typically the fur becomes red-brown discolored because one of the most common yeasts involved is the Red Yeast.[read more]
Eye and Ear Solutions
Problems with a dog's eyes and ears can be very concerning and frustrating. Whether your dog has tear stains or itchy ears, happytails has a solution to your problem. Our line of all-natural products features:

Dog ear cleaner
Tear stain remover
Eye pads
Ear serum

eyes Ear and eye itchiness are common problems for dogs year round.
The good news is that most of these issues are treatable and preventable. All of our gentle formulas are safe for all sizes of dogs and help to reduce the odor and uncleanliness in the ears and eyes of your pet.

If you have a white or light colored dog, tear stains might be a recurring problem for your pet. Tear stains have many different causes and can result in discoloration of the hair near the eye and a gooey buildup underneath the eye.
It's no secret that simply cleaning a dog's eye with water will not remove tough dog tear stains. It is necessary to remove the bacteria that are actually causing the problem. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to prevent tear stains and cleanse the eye. happytails' EyePads work on even the youngest pups to destroy the harmful bacteria in the eye that causes dog tear stains.

Like our other products, our EyePads are chemical-free and contain no pharmaceuticals that can be harmful to dogs.

Itchy, Dirty Ears
Another problem that can be caused by bacteria is ear problems in dogs. Similar to our EyePads, our Ear Wipes are easy to use and gently cleanse and remove annoying odors from your dog's ears. The botanical blend that makes up the wipes effectively removes wax, dirt, and other bacteria that can cause infections in the ears.

Our unique Ear Cleanser is another answer for dog owner's searching for solutions for a dog ear cleaner. Formulated with alcohol and other essential oils, this cleanser works hard to destroy extra moisture in the ear that can lead to painful infections. Gentle enough to use every day, our ear cleanser is not too drying and work great to prevent infections after swimming.

If your dog suffers from chronic ear problems
, our Ear Clear serum may be the solution to your dog's ear care problems. By using just a few drops of this safe and effective serum, the wax in your dog's ears will immediately begin breaking down, and in turn, reduce the risk of infection.

For convenience, we also offer both our Ear Wipes and Ear Cleanser together in a handy kit for optimal ear care. With repeated frequent use, ear infections, odors, and dog itchy ears will become a thing of the past.

Dog Allergies
Allergies can also be a primary culprit of ear and eye problems. Our ear and eye products combined with our other products for dog allergies can be a great treatment for your pet. Remember that if you think that your dog has something more serious than a treatable infection or allergy, it is important to contact your veterinarian.
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