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Matted and Dull Coat Solutions
Every dog owner wants their dog to look his best, with a shiny healthy, manageable coat that doesn't itch or shed. Our all natural shampoos and conditioners accomplish just that. We have a complete family of products for itchy dogs, formulas that will brighten a dull coat and products that are perfect for both long-haired and short-haired breeds.
Matted and Dull coats
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Ruff to Smooth Leave in conditioner
Sparkle and Shine Brightening Shampoo
Fur Butter Ultra Rich conditioner
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The happytails Supersoft Coat Collection
Dull Coat Solutions
Every dog owner craves a smooth, silky coat of fur for their pet. Happytails Spa has many different options to keep your dog looking his best. Whether you want a product that will brighten your pet's coat or something to assist you in brushing through matted dog hair, our line of fur solutions include:


As with all of our products, all happytails formulas are all-natural and do not contain any harsh detergents or unnatural chemicals that will harm your dog.

Fur ButterAdd Some Shine
A great coat begins with clean fur. Our Sparkle and Shine Brightening Shampoo is formulated with pearlescent brighteners, yogurt, flax seed, and honey to give your dog a clean, shiny, manageable coat. The all-natural formula is great for dogs of any color, but will especially illuminate light colored and white coats of fur.

In addition to matted fur becoming a thing of the past, Sparkle and Shine leaves your dog with a fresh smelling vanilla scent. This gentle shampoo is safe for use on puppies of all ages and has a tear-free formula.

Go from dull to brilliant with Sparkle and Shine!

Got Silk?
If you want your dog's coat to be the silkiest it has ever been, look no further. happytails' Ruff to Smooth Leave-In Conditioner uses real silk proteins to recreate the luxurious feeling of silk right on your dog's fur. Proteins are immediately absorbed into the hair fibers to leave soft, smooth hair without the use of silicones.

The nightmare of brushing your wiry haired dog has just become a thing of the past. The silk proteins in the conditioner detangle dog hair and make brushing easier than it has ever been before. The conditioner can even be used as spot treatment for that occasional rogue patch of tangled hair that needs to be detangled.

This easy-to-use spray can be used directly after bathing to condition the full coat of hair, spot treatment for matted areas, or to detangle hair when brushing.

Condition Dry Itchy Skin
The FDA has approved only a few ingredients to fight against dry skin problems. Colloidal oatmeal, a main ingredient in our Fur Butter, is one of these.

Say goodbye to that dull coat. A great coat begins at the root, so healthy moisturized skin is a necessity for brilliant fur. Once Fur Butter is massaged into your dog's skin, you'll notice an intense shine. Fur Butter works hard to not only leaves a silky coat that is easy to brush through, but soothes the itchiest of skin by combining shea butter, calendula, and comfrey.

To detangle dog hair and keep that shiny,
easy-to-comb coat and healthy skin year round, Fur Butter should be used in conjunction with other happytails shampoos, conditioners, and spritzes. Shop around the happytails selection today and find the products to pamper your furry best friend!
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