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All Natural Dog Shampoo
We use a coconut based surfactant in all of our shampoo's. No SLS, no parabens and no detergents. Just a gentle effective clean. If you have an itchy dog, a dog with allergies or skin issues we have an entire line of shampoos that will help. And if you just want a clean, manageable shiny coat we can help with that too.
All natural detergent free shampoos and conditioners
For more information or to purchase the products click on the photos below
Comfy Dog Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo
Bubbles n' Beads 2 in 1 shampoo
Sparkle and Shine Brightening Shampoo
And after you've shampoo'd it's time to condition
Ruff to Smooth Leave in conditioner
Dry Dog Instant Clean
Fur Butter Ultra Risch conditioner
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Dog Shampoo
Who wants dog shampoo that contains harmful parabens and detergents? Our all-natural canine shampoos will provide even the smelliest, dirtiest dog with an effective and gentle wash. If you're aiming to achieve even more than a clean wash, our extensive line of products for dogs will leave your pet looking shiny and smooth.

SparkleAll-Natural Pet Shampoo
Humans aren't the only ones who like to be fresh and clean. At happytails, we believe the modern dog deserves an extensive line of dog shampoo perfectly formulated for their skin and coat. We offer a wide selection of spa, grooming and wellness products for dogs. The mild cleansing agents in our shampoos are free of any synthetic perfumes or detergents, which can dry out dogs' skin and cause possible allergic reactions.

A few of the products we offer are:

Dry Dog Instant Clean

Cain & Able's Lavender Conditioning Shampoo
Peppermint Conditioning Shampoo
Dirty & Hairy Green Tea and Lime Outdoor Shampoo
happytails Bubble's n Beads Shampoo & Conditioner
Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo

In addition to our gentle shampoos and conditioners, our spa line for dogs also offers:
Dog spray
Bath spritz
Dog detangler
Paw and nose rub

A Variety of Shampoos and Coat Products
Every dog deserves to be pampered, so you'll find plenty of choices in our line of spa products for pets. Each shampoo is formulated specifically for your dog's individual needs. Take our Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo, for instance. Dogs with dry, itchy skin will experience instant relief from this dog shampoo containing colloidal oatmeal approved by the FDA to treat insect bites, dry skin, and itchy skin due to allergies.

If a shiny, irresistible coat is what you want from a dog shampoo, happytails Sparkle and Shine Brightening Shampoo is perfect for your dog. Flax seed and honey work together to restore the silky texture of your dog's hair, while special brighteners bring out the natural beauty of your dog's coat. This natural shampoo works especially well on dogs with light colored or white hair.

These are just a few of our shampoo selections for your furry friend. Browse our selection for the one that's best for your dog!

Safe and Effective
All of our spa products are gentle enough for even the smallest puppy and are tear-free to help make bath time a special bonding time between you and your dog. With more and more harsh chemicals being added into grooming products, dogs and owners alike will be ecstatic at how effective happytails shampoos are.
In addition to looking clean, all shampoos provide a long lasting scent that will make cuddling time that much more fun! Our dog conditioner, for use after bathing, will add to the pleasant scent while calming your dog.

Take a Look
Here at happytails, we invite you to browse through our large selection of spa products for dogs to find the product that is perfectly formulated for your best friend. After you find that special shampoo, don't forget to take full advantage of our other grooming and dental care products for dogs!

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