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Comfy Dog Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo
Itchin' for Relief Targeted anti itch formula
Dry Dog Instant Clean Bath Replacement 
& Between 
Groomings Spray
Flea the Scen essential for the outdoor dog
Got a Problem? Itchy skin, dull coat or ugly tear stains? We can help
Solutions for dog's with itchy skin
If your dog has ear problems or tearstains here are some solutions
Smelly Dog solutions Dental Issues Dull and Matted Coats Issues that surround older dogs Have a nervous, anxious or overactive dog? We can help

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You love your pups. You love to spoil them. You buy organic treats and BPA-free toys, so it makes sense you'd want natural grooming products for your four-legged friends.
happytails is an online destination for eco-friendly spa, grooming, and wellness products for the cuddly critters in your life. Since 2004, the happytails team has devoted their time and love to creating high-end grooming products for your pup. We use the highest quality ingredients to attack the toughest pup problems, so you and your pooch can live and play carefree.

All Natural
At happytails, we care about the wellbeing of your dog. That's why our product line consists of all natural dog shampoos, conditioners, sprays, rubs, flea relief, and dental products. We believe that a shiny coat and healthy mouth begin with all natural ingredients!
happytails offers a wide range of wellness products for your dogs, including:

Fur ButterEye care
Coat care
Dental care
Skin care
Odor problems
Overall wellbeing
Eye and Mouth Care

Dental Care
The Kissable line features a variety of oral and ocular solutions. Our Kissable Toothbrush makes brushing fast and easy with its revolutionary three-sided design. Pair it with our natural vanilla flavored toothpaste to make oral dog care a breeze! If plaque and bad breath are still a problem for your dog, our breath foam and water additive will instantly attack any lingering germs.

Ear and Eye Care
Tearstains, itchiness, and residue in your pooch's eyes and ears become a thing of the past with happytails' ear wipes and eye pads. Our pre-moistened pads gently remove difficult residue that can cause odor and infection. If your dog commonly suffers from ear infections, our Ear Clear may be just the healing agent you need.

Specialty Products
In addition to our grooming supplies, happytails offers specialty tonics and elixirs including Sleepytime Tonics and Joint Resolution. These were formulated by the leading herbalist on applying western herbs to canine health problems.
Sleepytime Tonic is an herbal elixir that helps calm a nervous or over anxious dogs. Just a few drops in your dog's mouth can relieve anxiety when facing travel, trips to the vet, groomer or fireworks.

To promote healthy joints, Our Joint Resolution solution increases your pup's mobility and flexibility, while strengthening connective tissue. Perfect for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and luxating patellas.

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happytails Spa is a member of the Heart United Pet family of products, which means you'll never have to worry about our products containing harsh chemicals or cruel animal testing. Our products are developed in FDA approved labs, and all of our sales come with a money back guarantee.

We know that a dog's problem can be just as hard on the owner as the pet, so we are here to help with all of your pet care needs. Our simple and basic focus is to provide you with the best natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free dog grooming around! Shop our collection and say hello to a healthy, happy pup!

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